R. bracteata seed available

I have a limited number of open-pollinated R. bracteata seeds available if anyone would like to try them. My two plants were grown from suckers taken from a plant growing in the city cemetery in Jacksonville, AL.

Email me at tide82 - at- bellsouth.net


Seeds requested to date were mailed today. Jeff S., I got a failure message when I tried to reply to your email?



try this one:

jleestover at yahoo dot com



I got the seeds today. Thanks. I’ll let you know how it works out.

Are seedlings that result from self-pollination of R. Bracteata considered to be equivalents to R. Bracteata the species?

Technically that is the definition of a species (if the seeds come true). Realistically there is some variation and some can even be hybrids (local multifloras, etc).

thanks Jon.