R. bracteata Hybrids, pollen offer

Further to the conversation we have been having about R. bracteata, I have some hybrids I use in breeding that may be of interest to some of you.

33-03-03 = ‘Twilight Skies’ X ‘Muriel’ This is a Tetraploid and has fertile pollen usable on most seed parents. It is slow to build up growth (Many tetraploids are like this) but is sturdy, with glossy foliage, semi-climbing habit, and deep rose/red blooms with 25-30 petals. No appreciable fragrance. Pollen will be available in 3 to 6 weeks, depending on our weather.

62-03-01 = ‘Precious Dream’ X ‘Murial’. This is a back cross of ‘Muriel’ onto one of its grandchildren. (‘Precious dream’ is ‘Orangeade’ X ‘Out of Yesteryear’) Its ploidy is unknown but I presume its a tetraploid. (Both parents are) This is also a semi-climbing plant, bearing single 3" blooms in a medium red. It is pollen fertile but has not set seeds in my experience. I have rooted cuttings of this available for the cost of postage.

174-02-17 = ‘Sheri Anne’ X ‘Out of Yesteryear’. This is a large sprawling plant that grows horizontally, a rather graceful form. It blooms in clusters of 2" fully double blooms, medium red. Highly fertile in both directions, it is proving to pass on very good foliage and excellent vigor. The siblings from this group were tetraploids, so I am expecting this is also. This is the darkest bloom color I have gotten from ‘Out of Yesteryear’ which normally makes a lot of pale seedlings. Pollen available in 4 to 6 weeks. I may strike a few cuttings later on if someone wants to try it as a seed parent.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, let me know.

Paul Barden

Because of my current stage of plant development, I couldn’t yet use the pollen, but I would love to get some cuttings!

Gosh, I wish I had known a year ago. I have my own stuff coming along now.

Sounds like there are plenty of hybrid bracteatas on the horizon, which is a good thing.

It’s very generous of you to make these available Paul.

My stuff is primarily coming out of ‘Star Dust’, ‘Precious Dream’, and ‘Star Magic’.

For some reason I’ve got red coming out of my ears this season. I know ‘Home Run’ is partially to blame, but red is also popping out of the most unlikely crosses.

Thanks goodness I concentrated on yellow last year as I’ve got some of that too.

I may be a potential person…

I have a seedling of Scarlet Moss X Fakir’s Delight, making it very distantly related to the bracteatas. It’s going to bloom for the first time in two years.

But, I only see two buds coming out… and I think that’s about it. And I’m assuming it’s a once bloomer.

This seedling I’m happy because I have never been able to create mossy roses… or at least, not very heavily mossy roses. I mostly concentrated on Goldmoss and raised nice bicolors from it-- but nothing very mossy.

My hybrid looks VERY mossy, and healthy. Although-- I did see some mildew on the newest leaves today.

I found mildew on ‘Star Dust’ this year. It wasn’t bad, but still, disappointing.

Well, it has been odd weather in California, Robert. Even Mermaid, which is 7 year old, has midew on it-- and the Clino X Bract seedlings…

Even a rugosa hybrid…

Days are very hot, then very cold-- on and off… Just yesterday, I couldn’t get to sleep because it was too hot. And I’m wearing a sweater right now because it’s chilly.

I think a little mildew is alright-- as long it’s not extensive. I for one am glad that the mildew on my seedling is only on the new foilage. It looks very good, and I think it may do great in other gardens. Plus, it combines, albiet distantly, genes from kordesii and bracteata.

Pardon the tangent, but as I have one of your R. clinophylla seedling coming along, Paul, I was wondering how analoguous R.c. is to the related R. bracteata in terms of offspring and potential for hybridizing. What are your experiences in this regard?


I don’t have nearly enough data to be able to answer that question yet.


I didn’t find clinophylla the species easy to work with, at least as seed parent. I tried it for about three seasons then decided to abandon it.

Viraraghavans clinophylla derivatives are much easier.


If you have an extra cutting of 174-02-17 = ‘Sheri Anne’ X ‘Out of Yesteryear’ later I’d appreciate taking it on.



Remind me about this in June, Robert, please.

I will Paul. Thank you.


another one a bit off topic

to Paul Barden -

my Incantation is in bloom, and it is STUNNING! I have about 10 more buds on it, and I can’t wait to see it totally covered. Your hybrids really are remarkable!

Thank you Adair. The real virtue of this rose is its vigor, prolific bloom, and ability to thrive in difficult locations. It was the single most attractive shrub out of 300 test roses in its plot and always grabbed the attention of visitors. You’ll be amazed how much growth you get out of it in its first season. :slight_smile:

Paul and everyone else: Rogue Valley just got in a much needed fresh shipment of Incantation – Based on my daughter, Adair’s, glowing reports and pictures she sends me – it is hard to believe a brand new band sized plant could do what hers is doing – I just ordered a couple from Rogue Valley – I have already figured out which part of the landscaping I am going to dig up to make space – it will be a great opportunity for my wife to earn a crown in heaven when she sees the new holes where the landscaping was so nicely shaped by our excellent gardener. My wife likes the yard to look perfectly manicured and is sensitive to aesthetics – I am just looking for places to stick roses. Happy hybridizing everyone. Paul, what does Adair need to do to follow up on your kind offer of bracteata cuttings? She wants to be sure you’re inconvenienced as little as possible and that you are compensated for materials as well as postage. Bob


Let me generate some plants before we start worrying about compensation, etc. I won’t be setting in first cuttings until late May, at the rate our weather is going this year. I’ll check back in here at the Forum when I have something to announce.


2 freezes in a row for April has sucked bad for us here in Oregon :frowning:

Lets not even talk about the snow, shall we?

Paul: Will await further word from you at your convenience concerning bracteata cuttings for Adair. Adair and I have obtained Joycie so we can spare you the trouble of your kind offer to bud that for us – we preferred not to take undue adavantage of your kindness and didn’t want to wear out our welcome, not knowing how many irreplaceable favors we might have to ask of you in the future – like your unique bracteatas. Many thanks for your kind offers and your valuable contributions to the rose world. Your web site has been a major source of the info we used to choose roses and so far the most reliable and accurate we have found. Many thanks, Bob Williams