R. Bracteata available

I have a dozen or so rooting cuttings of bracteata available for those who are interested. These are accidents - I used crudely cut, thorny sticks of bracteata 'fencing" around a couple of my new roses this year to protect them from the family pet (something in the soil conditioner I used was evidently wonderful to his nose). Over half of them are rooting and sprouting new growth.


I also remember that I owe someone a bracteata from an e-mail discussion of a couple of years ago. My computer crashed back then and I lost all of my contacts. The cuttings I started eventually grew so large that I had to destroy them. Someone else sent me some Robin Hood OP hips and I owe that person a favor too. If you are out there please send me an e-mail and I will set things straight.


This is off the subject Baxter, and I hope you don’t take offense if I’ve asked, but where do you live? In Virginia? I have a rose growing here and I can’t remember from whom it came other then that it came from Virginia. Thanks… Enrique


I live in Katy Texas, now a western suburb of Houston. Bracteata grows wild from here to Refugio Texas in a