R. bracteata and R. clinophylla foilage

I’m growing OP seedlings of R. bractatea and R. clinophylla-- Wow. Very beautiful foilage and felty like stems.

Three have rounded leaves, and the last one has pointed leaves. But I’ve never seen neither parent, so I’m wondering about the leaves of the parents.

I’m trying to keep 2 plants. One will grow here, and the other-- hopefully, I can grow it at this place. The other two I will try to give to people.

Anyways, this won’t happen for a while. But if anyone can get good pics of the foilage, please post them up. I will try to post pics of the seedlings.

Bracteata and clinophylla have similar foliage with glossy rounded leaflets. “Felty like stems” sounds more like clinophylla. I’ll try to get some pics, though it may have to wait until the weekend.


are you growing the hybrid seedlings or the species respectively? Several of received braceata x clinophylla hybrid OP seed.

The OP seedlings tend to sort them selves out toward one species or the other despite being of hybrid origin.

I also grow bracteata and clinophylla the species.

Robert… I mean OP (braceata x clinophylla) seedlings.


I get pics tomorrow… to show the single “pointy” leaves and the others “rounded” leaves.

The ones I’m growing out are the same way Enrique. Some are much more vigorous than others as well.

Bracteata is on the left, clinophylla on the right. They are similar, except that bracteata leaves are bigger and clinophylla leaves have more pronounced serration on the margins of the leaflets.