R. arkansana one

Last night I drove to see my seedlings (unfortunately they’re planted at a friends an hour away!). Last year (2001) I started bringing plants there and many are maturing now and doing well. In the newsletter I wrote about a stippled R. arkansana plant I found along a potato field in Morris, MN. There was a variable population along the road (light, medium, and dark pink, blush, and this stippled one). The stippled one is my favorite and the only one I made room for at my friends and it’s still in bloom! I’ve read that R. arkansana can repeat bloom some and all, and am really excited to see it happen. I guess I never treated this plant so well before and maybe that’s why I didn’t see this the past few years. Not only did the side buds from last years canes and new basals bloom, but there’s some side branches off of bloomed out stems (off of overwintered canes) with some more buds on them! Having new basal canes bloom is typical from what I’ve seen and gathered from others, but I haven’t seen new side branches coming off of bloomed out stems bloom before. How commonly have those of you who have R. arkansana in well-tended gardens seen this? I also was really really excited to see the same thing happening with one seedling I have from this stippled rose (a seedling of an Explorer series rose x R. arkansana)! It was blooming away and sending out side shoots with more flower buds forming! When I first started crossing with R. arkansana this shrub seedling was the only female that I tried that would accept its pollen.

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