Questions about some species roses.

I am adding some species roses from High Country Roses and a couple from Forest Farm and am wondering how long I will have to wait until they will be useable for hybridizing.

These plants will be younger plants (roughly a year old).

From High Country Roses:

R. nutkana

R. hugonis

R. blanda

R. wichuraiana


From Forest Farm:

R. arvensis

R. nitida

Forgot R. acicularis on my list from High Country


Generally you are looking at 2 - 3 years. One exception is Rosa wichuraiana. It is a vigorous species and unless it is a very small plant it should bloom in the first year. Keep in mind that it blooms late though.



When you grow your plants from Forest Farm, you may want to “re-verify” from growth and characteristics whether what you recieved is what you ordered. Though FF generally has good quality plants, twice what I’ve ordered from them was not what I received (they were not roses). I think this is simply a factor of the vast list of varieties they carry (errors are bound to creep in). If you want to know details, I’ll be glad to give them offlist.

Chris Mauchline

Thanks for the heads up Chris.

I should have no problem with verifying R. nitida :slight_smile:

Should I just point a sucker of Nutkana your way? It should be there in a year or two.

I suppose I could point something diploid out that-a-way. perhaps something interesting will pop up where they meet.