Question for Paul Barden (Marbree)

Paul, you have said that you have used Marbree in your hybridizing and my question is when you said that 80% are once bloomers do you keep them past the first year to see if they become repeat bloomers or if they don’t bloom the first year that means they are once bloomers. The reason I am asking is I have a few seedlings from Marbree X living easy and none of them bloomed this year and I am keeping them til next year to see what happens. Thanks.


Hi Patrick,

Some of the ones I kept are ten years old now, and a few of them have occasionally offered a few more blooms late in the season, but are hardly what I’d call repeaters. Some of them will likely start repeating a bit in year two or three or four, but I expect that “slow to bloom when young” = “poor repeaters later in life”.

Thanks so much Paul. Have you ever had any bloom the first year?


Paul, I also thank for the information. Marbree has always fascinated me, despite the fact that it is not very vigorous here in my Michigan garden. I did some crosses with it years ago. Unfortunately, I didn


I don’t recall any Marbree seedling blooming in the first year. I gave up using it a few years ago when I found out how difficult to propagate the offspring were. Almost impossible to root from cuttings. You might get better results than I had by marrying it with something that is very easy to root.

I have one Marbree X carefree celebration seedling which is blooming in its first year. Of course it does not have any spots and very little fragrance but it is a pretty reddish/orange cupped flower. I have about 8 Marbree X Sevilliana seedlings and can’t wait til next year for their blooms. both of these crosses have very good disease resistance so far.