Purple tinted seedlings

I have some open pollinated seedlings from R.blanda, R.arkansana and from a suspected cross of R.blanda x R.arkansana. A majority of the seedlings have varying degrees of purple tinting to the underside of the leaves, from light to fairly dark. It

I got some seedlings of R. glauca x R. pendulina from Joan Montieth and the foliage isn’t particularly purple.

I’m growing out my first seedling using the pollen now and I don’t note the blue foliage in the seedling either.

Link: www.helpmefind.com/rose/pl.php?n=49434&tab=1

Is the color purple or more in the burgandy color range?


The upper leaves of the seedlings are not as purple as R.glauca is. The ones with the deepest purple on the underside have the darkest green uppers though. The stems on those seem to be reddish or maroon also.


I would say there is both. Some of the young leaves are burgundy as they are unfurling. But once the leaves have unfurled then they have more of a purple tint to them.

I tried taking pictures of them but the color really doesn

My glauca pendula hybrids are convered in hips right now.

It would be very tempting to grow them out and select out the seedlings with blue foliage.

I’ll bet I could cull them even in the seedling stage.

I have a feeling the blue character is easily lost in hybridization.



Let’s try this again.

You can view several photos. One shows the reddish coloration that Meg was asking about. I think this is from a different pollin parent.


Link: s171.photobucket.com/albums/u288/ptgeurts/?action=view&current=IMG_0647.jpg

It could be the sun but the propensity for purple coloration is there. Nice seedling!

Thanks Robert,

I’m excited to see how these seedlings progress. They weren’t what I was expecting, but sometimes the unexpected is a nice suprise.


Paul, I like the effect too - and you are right - sometimes the unexpected is better than what we are shooting for!

Jim Sproul

Thanks Jim,

I like the affect also. These seedlings excite me because they look like they will be a different route to blue/purple foliage rather than going thru R.glauca as the seed parent and all the difficulties the unbalanced meiosis brings with it. The only disappointment is there are such a high percentage of the seedlings with the purple tint that there are very few with more of the characteristics that I was looking for. I guess that is the nature of the game.


I had trouble believing that R.glauca was the pollen parent for most of my seedlings, especially the one I posted the picture of. The leaves didn