Purple-leafed seedling

This seedling has just come up. It’s an OP seedling of ‘Wild Rover’. ‘Wild Rover’ is a deep purple colour. Is there any correlation between the cotyledon/new leaf colour and the colour of the flower. I am hoping this indicates it may have inherited the rich deep purple of its seed parent. The seedling just visible behind it, from the same hip, also came up this dark purple colour. It’s a little older than this one and has its first true leaves which are dark but the purple colour seems to be fading to dark green.

The short answer is, yes.

This topic has been covered in the past, (though possibly without such excellent photos).

If you do a site search you can come up with more information regarding anthocyanins.

As you know soil chemistry also influences pigmentation.


Hi Robert,

I have checked through the achives and found plenty of references to coloured cotyledons but not specifically relating to a correlation between purple cotyledon colour and flower colour. Do you have a specific post in mind when you said this had been discussed before?

HI Simon, sorry I can’t give you a specific example. There was a discussion earlier this year that included an article by Don. See link below.

I can tell you there is a correlation. I can often make some some projection as to flower color by observing foliage details including pigmentation characteristics.

Others have noted the same thing.

Light colored foliage often correlates with light colored blossoms and vice-versa.

Sometimes strong pigmentation can even be observed to extend into the wood. This is common in prunus and malus cultivars which are also as you know family Rosaceae.

There is considerable breeding work being done now with attempts to quantify pigmentation in fruit cultivars because of research into health benefits of antioxidants.

I tried doing an internet search to see if I could come up with anything more definitive but got nothing specific to your query.

Link: www.rosehybridizers.org/forum/message.php?topid=19696&rc=13&ui=2208841079