Propogating Moss Roses From Cuttings?

Anybody have any good suggestions for propagating moss roses from cuttings? I’ve been trying for three years with dismal results…

Fara, you should try all methods of cutting propagation including soft and hard wood cuttings done in Summer and Fall to see if you can find one that works.

Try sticking a few hardwood cuttings at the base of the Mother plant in Fall.

One of the simplest methods for propagation of just a few plants is layering.

Budding will usually give the quickest result regardless if you have a rose that refuses to root.

Softwood cuttings under mist works for most things, but as Robert says, you should try all possible methods if what you have tried is not working.

Some roses nearly refuse to root no matter what you do. I would question the value of using such roses in breeding.

Jim Sproul


I have had the best luck using the vigorous basal shoots that are half matured* in mid-July. Take the whole cane and cut it up into 5 to 6" sections, leaving two leaf sets on each. Make sure you use a rotting hormone appropriate for semi hardwood cuttings. Are you using the Ziploc bag method? That should work nicely.

*Getting woody, but not really old and woody.

Best of luck! Some of these OGR types are fussy and you have to find the right time and technique to get them propagated.


Paul, what rooting hormone would you recommend for semi hardwood cuttings? Hormex sent me thier number 1 which is just a low dose IBA, and I have not so far had any success with it on Sericea or hugonis. Quarry Hill has recommended the potassium salt of IBA which is the most water soluble form but is hard to find in a commercial rooting product.

Seems easier to just peg the lanky stems down to root them…

Seems easier to just peg the lanky stems down to root them…