Doesn’t bother me at this point. They just may be the ones that don’t need fertilizer.

[attachment 1717 poliferation001.JPG]

Six minutes total time for this. Hardly worth it.

Is the green center a response to fertilizer?

Some will proliferate in response to high nitrogen. Some do it in response to higher heat, or more distinct temperature changes. Some just do it for the fun of it. Tequilla Sunrise proliferated for me consistently. Many seedlings proliferate, some grow out of it, others never do.

I think About Face must be one of the roses that does it for fun!



It is really a shame to see a seedling with great coloring and have this going on at the same time.

Madam Hardy has a green eye is that an example of proliferation or is that just a green pigment?

Looks like deformed reproduction parts to me and it’s been around a long time with no off spring.


I can just hear your neighbors…“Boy, those roses in Neil’s backyard seem to be proliferating.”

Bet you didn’t know they were paying such close attention.

This happens when I play around with fertilizer and goes away.

The neighbors do pay more attention, that it’s not ok for them and their dogs to walk on my seedlings.

My friend Woody Woodpecker killed a big tree in the south side neighbors yard that gave 80% shade to my place and want to plant another just like it. Fine I’ll just take back 4’x30’ I let them use for their postage stamp size front yard.