Proliferation problem

Hi all,

Recently one of my 2007 seedlings bloomed for the first time. Nice color, but that’s all I can say about it. The bud had no hip, and when the flower finally opened it was very proliferated. Hoping this was a fluke, I cut the flower off and waited for the next bud. Well, that next bud has come, and it too has no hip. I suspect this is likely to keep on happening if the first two flowers were that way. Anyone have any experience with this kind of thing?

No hip?

Proliferation is something that often gets worse rather than better as a plant matures. Be prepared to toss this one rather than investing 3 years of culture in the hopes that it may stop doing it.

None! I think I have a picture somewhere. Stem, then flower. Not even a bulge! If I find that picture I’ll upload it.

Paul, I’m tossing this one in any case since there is no fragrance whatsoever. It’s just such a curious thing to see–no hip. Like someone cut the hip out and stuck the flower back on the stem! Gotta find a picture…

What do you mean by proliferation? Do you have a photo?

Just remembered, I still had a “flower” in a vase! Here’s a top view and a view down the center of the flower. No hip!