Primula pollen

The buds on my R primula have coloured up & are about to pop open. When is the proper time to remove the anthers for optimal retrieval of pollen? Is it okay to tease open he buds now to get to them or must I wait until the flowers open naturally?

Wow Lydia, I am jealous - buds already!! I’m still a ways off from having any. My experience is that if you are in too big a hurry to get to the anthers they will not release pollen. I usually let the flower open up about half way or even a bit more.



These diploid species normally aren’t too sensible for self-pollination (except, e.g., Rosa rugosa).

But I don’t wait until the flower is open, I prepare it at that moment, when the petals are just starting to open, but are still closed.

Primula is a nice plant, and the scent of the whole shrub is also quite interesting! Good luck!



Nature is taking care of that decision for now. I will wait. It is cold & raining hard. I have a little diploid shrub inside that is ready for pollen.

There are small flower buds on a Therese Bugnet cutting, R. roxburghii, & Chianti. Rosa Rox usually blooms with the hybrid teas, so there’s something different about this spring. There was a warm spell in mid April & it must have spurred some of them on. The European OGRs are barely leafing out.


Hi Lydia!

Good Luck, its not always bad if there are variations in the seasons, some types will be fertile in some years and in some years they will not.

Thats also why it is always important, to retry delicious pollinations - its never absolutely clear for sure, when they might fit against some odds.