Prickles on Rosa Nitida

I am trying to verify one of my roses. I have a rose that is supposed to be r. nitida. One of the things I an curious about is the foliage. I am looking for glossy foliage and am not seeing it. The leaves are still young and its growing under lights so this may affect it. I thought I could use the prickes on it to help verifiy it. Instead of the larger awl shaped prickles, it has multitudes of small very needle like prickles like nearly wild.

Sound like nitida?

One other question, what are the thorns on R. arvensis like?

According to the key on the page linked to below, R. nitida stems are “usually armed with copious reddish bristles”.


I am having some reservations about this rose. I have it growing under lights and it has leafed out. The leaves are not shiny like I would expect. Is there any chance that r. nitida would produce leaves that were not shiny? What other species roses have large numbers of small needle like prickles. Forest Farm suggested it might be Nutkana but I dont think so.

I will snap a picture this eveing and see if anyone can help