Prickles & Fragrance

RHA received a letter from Gervais Ayotte in Quebec asking for the following information. Anyone out there have any insight they would like to share with him?

"I would like to find information about a few prickly roses, particularly those containing yellow genes and/or being fragrant to very fragrant.

“I know there are some prickly roses in the species, old garden roses and garden hybrids. I already know some ‘classics’ and others. But this feature is not always mentioned in catalogs or books. So, I would like to know more”

Gervais Ayotte

Harison’s Yellow is very prickly. Its fragrance is strong, though not particularly pleasant.

Mermaid has huge prickles and some fragrance.

Topaz Jewel is prickly and fragrant.

R. sericea (big red thorns, the wing thorn rose) and Catabrigiensis (I hope I’m spelling it right, a cross of R. sericea and R. hugonis I think) are both prickly and have soft yellow flowers if I remember right. Catabrigiensis has a nice pleasant odor to the foliage too. I especially love R. primula as well, another closely allied rose. These roses as well as Harrison’s Yellow are within or have parents within the same section of the rose genus that includes R. spinossisima and like this species tend to have many bristly prickles. What is your goal working with bristly yellow roses? Perhaps some of Ralph Moore’s mossed yellow miniature and floribunda hybrids would meet your objectives. They definately are bristly and fragrant.