Priairie Peace Seedling

This one is a new seedling this year coded REPP and is a cross of Royal Edward x Prairie Peace. It’s a nice yellow and peach that ages to a cream and blush color. This is blooming its first season which was a pleasant surprise. Given the parentage this one should have excellent health and should be hardy to zone 3a…will need to test that to be sure. This is one I’ll bring into my breeding of miniature roses and small shrubs.

Nice looking Rob. Love the softness of the bloom.

Thank you David.

That is a great seedling. One would not have expected juvenile bloom from that cross. Thanks for posting.

Thank you Margit. I was not expecting juvenile bloom and I’m thrilled that it does have it. I used PP pollen last season that was mailed to me. Do you know where it is possible to obtain a Prairie Peace plant?

Rob, mine has started suckering a little and I might be able to get you one. But you have to remind me in October or late March.

Awesome! Thank you Joe. I’ll remind you in October.

Hi Everyone,
Rob, I too was surprised that you got reblooming with Prairie Peace. This morning I was working with my new seedlings, then I founded these P.P Babies.
2016-06-03 10.38.38.jpg
2016-06-03 10.39.23.jpg


Royal Edward is a prolific bloomer and Prairie Peace has “Spring or summer flush with scattered later bloom.” Should we be that surprised to have a juvenile bloomer sometimes? I’m not an expert so just asking. You also have a juvenile bloomer yourself it seems. Congrats!

Can you say what your cross is that has PP?

Rob, I have no trouble reveling the other parent, it’s George Vancouver. I like GV, it sets lots of seeds that germinate
readily. One downside of GV, it tends to be leggy.


Nice looking seedling and to get an F1 juvenile bloom from Prairie Peace is quite an accomplishment.

Prairie Peace in my climate (Zone 2) shows the tendency for very limited summer rebloom although I have an OP seedling that has a more amplified rebloom tendency:
In the above photo…if you look closely, you can see the evidence of 3 cycles of bloom…flower, green hip, and ripe hip.

Most of my work with Prairie Peace has resulted in large raw-boned plants when grown out…the vigor is sure there.


Nice color break!

I have a R. carolina x Prairie Peace seedling that is blooming this year; it is a single deep pink. Hybridity was uncertain at the seedling stage but this plant is blooming far earlier than R. carolina and has the thorny, upright stems of Prairie Peace.

I also have a Pink Double Knock Out x Prairie Peace seedling that was not able to bloom outdoors so I dug it up last winter and potted it this spring…hoping for my first blossoms.

I have two Yellow Brick Road x Prairie Peace seedlings that are blooming for the first time this year after an easy winter.

But no remontancy anywhere.


Thank you. Your flower looks exactly like a new one for me, Brite Eyes x (Indian Love Call x 1-72-1) =ILC1-72-1 Have you grown any F1 from that seedling?


Nice crosses using Prairie Peace. Hopefully you will see remontancy this season or next with the PDNO and YBR crosses. I’m guessing that the R. carolina cross will take additional generation or two.

I looked this morning and I have a bud opening on a first year Morning Magic x Prairie Peace seedling. The thorniness is there and as the bud is opening it looks to be yellow-ish or peach colored and looks to be a single bloom form most likely. I’ll post a picture of it when it opens in the next day or two.

I have seedlings of Altaica that are remonent.
Did you breed out the smelly perfume? I know some may like it. J

Here is another Prairie Peace seedling (MMPP) from a different cross that has juvenile bloom: Morning Magic x Prairie Peace

This one is a mauve single and is thorny enough to suggest a hybrid of PP. It’s not a beautiful rose but could be a stepping stone to hardy, remontant, and disease resistant F1.

My Morning Magic x Prairie Peace seedling, MMPP, re-bloomed. I’m seeing some mildew on some other seedlings from this cross but so far this one is disease free. This could be a good seeding for use in further breeding efforts for health and hardiness.


Good looking flower Rob, not sure about the thorns(I have forgotten the American term)

Thank you David. The thorniness tells me that Prairie Peace is highly likely to be the pollen parent. Hopefully I can reduce thorniness in F2 generation.

Hi Joe. You sent me a plant of your PDKO x Prairie Peace. Did you ever see any blooms? The plant you sent me is in bloom right now. It’s the first time it has bloomed and I don’t know if it will repeat yet. I’ll be taking some pictures of the blossoms. The plant is disease free here in ‘spot heaven’. Now that it is in bloom I’ll be using it in crosses.