Pretty pic to mark the end of season.

I can’t resist showing off an end of the season bloom on one of the four Prosperity seedlings I ended up with this year. It hasn’t stopped raining for like a month and last night was no exception.

My camera can’t capture the light pink and cream highlights well. This was the first year playing with Prosperity for me, each of the seedlings are drastically different from the other. For that reason I’m excited to see what next years seedlings turn out like so I can get a better idea on what a typical OP Prosperity seedling looks like(so I can recognize the hybrids).

Right now I’m already working on next years crop of seedlings. I have a mess of lily seedlings, under lights, and one early germination on Carefree Beauty (I don’t know why she does that to me every year… to give me something to look forward to, I guess).

Hi Jon,

Pretty bloom!

Jim Sproul

Thanks Jim, you’re too nice. After seeing some of your hulthemia hybrids, I take that as a strong compliment indeed.

Actually, it has excellent form.

WOW! That is just plain drop dead gorgeous!!! If you ever make cuttings from it, please put in line for one! Well done!

It’s lovely, Jon.

Thank you all. Fara if you give me a year, I’ll root ya a cutting. I wanted to ask how that’s done anyway. Do I have to get a phytosanitary certificate to mail (rooted) cuttings or can I sneak it through bareroot in a ziplock bag and a wet paper towel?

Very beautiful!

Jon, I don’t know where you live. For most of the U.S. there are not restrictions of much of anything. But some states have rules on some crops, like citrus to CA & FL. Many countries have restrictions. Budwood is sometimes simpler than rooted cuttings. Coming into U.S. is problematic from most places. USDA regs are available on-line.