Precious Dream

I planted a Precious Dream this Spring and it is now on its second flush. Paul B. said that is very fertile as a pollen parent and Robert used it as a pollen parent but I can not find any stamens and pollen sacs. I though I had maybe seen one or two per flower during the first flush but I cannot find any on this second flush. Does the plant have to be much older to produce pollen? I am almost certain I have the correct plant. Thanks


I think I have the answer to this one. It’s your climate.

Blossoms are less double here doue to my weather conditions.

Some times of the year I can’t get pollen either.

One season I grew out about a dozen OP Precious Dream seedlings. Some years it will set seed and others it won’t. Most of self pollinated seedlings are cream colored and very prickly. A few are orange and most lack vigor.

I kept several seedlings but have slowly let them go. I still have one I will probably cull this season since I had success with ‘Star Dust’ and have hips forming using ‘Precious Dream’ pollen.

Thanks Robert. I may have to wait til next Spring to get pollen. It was too young this spring and got a late start.


No doubt maturity will help Patrick. My specimen has never gotten very large. I’ve never pruned it and it gets very little fertilizer.

I have a feeling ‘Precious Dream’ has some susceptibility to blackspot.

I’d like to find out from those in climates where the disease is prevalent whether this is true.

Both parents created blackspot prone varieties here in Blackspot country (Oregon). Then again, there are very few minis that do not blackspot here.

What parents are you speaking of Jadae?

OoY and Orangeade, the parents of PD.

Have you tried OoY or ‘Star Dust’ up there Jadae? I know Orangeade is bad for blackspot.

Star Dust is good on the coast here where blackspot is prevalent.

I haven’t because I’m always wary of ordering minis, especially spending a butt load of $ on shipping costs, but I have seen them here.

I’ve heard OoY is pretty good for blackspot resistance and has better cold tolerance than one would expect, maybe zone 5 with significant cane damage.

Ralph Moore has used Orangeade extensively for some time. I’ve never quite understood why except that it’s very easy and has some impressive roses in it’s pedigree.

Precious Dream gets ZERO Blackspot in my wet coastal climate, where Blackspot is usually a serious problem.

Precious Dream produces a lot of pale seedlings. The ones that aren’t pale are usually quick to fade. However, many have excellent foliage, and some have great vigor. I quit using it because of the poor color issue, but I still have one golden yellow shrub in testing from Golden Angel X Precious Dream. It has a very pleasant Tea scent.

I’ve all but given up using the Out of Yesteryear Bracteata line because so very few seedlings from any of this group has any good coloring. The plants can be amazing, but how many whites and pale yellows and pale pinks do you want to breed? I have a deep pink/light red seedling (confirmed tetraploid) from Twilight Skies X Muriel that I use in breeding a bit, but have yet to explore it fully. Its one of the darkest seedlings I have had from the Bracteata line. If anyone wants pollen from it to try, I can send some.


In my case I like exploring the possibilities the bracteatas might bring when incorporated into the banksia lines.

It is difficult to get vivid colors from evergreen species but it isn’t impossible. I’m getting them now in the banksias.

It’s good to know ‘Precious Dream’ is clean. That means I can feel ok about bringing it back into the mix.

Paul, you could try the Silver Jubilee line with the OOY line since the SJ line often has extremely dominant color traits.

I’d cross it with Daybreaker. I bet the mold could be broken easily with a lot of coral shades (highly dominant in my Db seedlings), which can be then crossed into whatever else the next generation.

Thanks Jadae, but at this point I don’t wish to inject any more Hybrid Tea genes into my work than is already there. Its HT traits I wish to get away from. I have used many intensely colored roses in conjunction with Out of Yesteryear, and it will consistently dilute the color of the offspring no matter what you use. However, it does produce some magnificently beautiful and healthy offspring. Just not much color. :frowning: