pre-made baggies?

I’ve always made my own baggies, but I’m wondering if there are any premade baggies that I can buy from the net or horticulture supply store-- and if possible, maybe in different colors and patterns. It would be so easy to use different colored pollination bags. It would be more simplier then using pipe cleaners, I think. The colors would be an easy way to quickly identify pollinations. For example, yellow baggies could be used for crosses only for Baby Love as pollen parent. So a yellow baggie on Livin’ Easy would mean the cross is Livin’ Easy X Baby Love. Red baggies could be used for pollinations of Scarlet Moss as the pollen parent. So a red bag on Wife of Bath would mean this: Wife of Bath X Scarlet Moss. Get it?


I have never seen colored baggies - don’t know if anyone makes them or if they are available. How about using a colored plastic tag - they make them in most any color. Just put one in the bottom of the clear baggie that you now use to identify your parents. If you can’t find enough colored tags to identify the many seed parents you use, then use short pieces of telephone wire. There are more different color combinations then the tags. Hope you don’t have hundreds of seed parents. If so, then you would have to go with a combination of tags to identify a specific seed parent.


John is right. Go into any office supply store such as Staples, Office Max, Office Depot. They sell packets of different colored circular paper dots which are peel off. They come in different colors and sizes from the diameter of a pencil to the diameter of a dime and larger. If you had a yellow mini and a yellow ht, you could use the smaller size for baby love and the larger indicating a HT etc. I have to track down the small baggies. My sister sent us some homemade cookies in these mini ziplocs (about 3 x 4". I am going to wash them and save them for putting the separate op seeds in the refrigerator. Will have to check the grocery shelves or a crafts store because she has seen jewelry sold in them at craft fairs. I should think that size would be ideal for covering pollinations also.


I use 2 inch by 2 inch zip lock plastic bags to cover the hips and as labels (with black fine tipped paint pen). Both the paint pen and the bags are available in craft stores.

The bags can also be purchased mail order (see Google search link below). I recommend the bags made from the thinest plastic.