Prairie Sunrise

Last year,I used Prairie Sunrise as pollen parent with good seed set,with Louis Clements as seed parent.Had good germination.Many seedlings were either yellow or orange and very double.I used Prairie Sunrise,this year,as seed parent and Morden Blush as pollen parent.Had O.K.seed set with many exogenous seeds.Seed set was not as good as other Buck roses.

You might try Morden Blush as the seed parent. It germinates well and its first year seedlings survive inclement winter conditions.

Lydia,Last year I tried M.B.xP.S. and only had 3% germination rate.Nothing of consequence.Also,I tried M.B.xPrairie Harvest,Pearlie Mae and Prairie Princess.I also used pollen parent on above mentioned Buck roses.All crosses had much better germination rate than with P.S.Now,this year M.B.xP.S.produced no hips for me.Oh well, better luck next time.

Hi Brad

At least we know what doesn’t work. Thanks for the response.