Prairie Sunrise

Still just “dipping in my toes” rather than plunging into hybridizing, this is the second fall that I’ve gathered open pollinated seeds instead of planning any crosses of my own. I have several roses with open pollinated hips, including ‘Prairie Sunrise’ (1997). I’m curious–has anyone worked with seeds from this rose? And if so, did you get anything worthwhile?

Others with one or more hips that may or may not ripen before freezing include Heritage, Abraham Darby, Pat Austin, Lafter, Country Dancer, Livin’ Easy, Knockout, New Dawn and moss Henri Martin. Have you had experience with seedlings from any of these? I’ll probably plant most or all of the seeds anyway, but I’m curious what I might expect.

Thanks for any comments.


I’ve grown OP seedlings of Heritage. Got good germination, but seedlings tended to single/semidouble bloom form. Most were also pale pastels that would look interesting in early AM, but fade by evening. Did get some good seedlings from a cross with Westerland.


I haven’t used Prairie Sunrise. I’ve never gotten anything from Knock Out. Livin’ Easy is fertile. New Dawn doesn’t produce many seeds, but the ones it produces usually germinate well.

Oops!Sorry,Marcia.Being computer illiterate I replied to your message on above post.

Thanks for all your comments. Brad, I read your message, too. My Prairie Sunrise hips had several exogenous seeds also. As I read here that others have done, I plucked them off before the rest of the hip was ripe. I haven’t checked to see if they are hollow or not.


I’ve never grown seeds from Prairie Sunrise, but it’s one of my favorite roses and I used it as a pollen parent last year and have a few really nice seedlings that made it to one of the “keep for evaluation” beds. It’s always been one of the most disease resistant roses in my garden–and that’s out of well over a thousand roses–so I used it as a pollen parent again this year as well hoping it would transmit this quality (I have open pollinated seeds to do a germination test with this year, so we’ll both be seeing what it can turn out that way in a couple of months). Also, of all the sports I’ve budded up, the best by far is a bright yellow sport of Prairie Sunrise that showed up in my garden a couple of years ago. It seems to be as bomb-proof as the original, which is rare in a yellow!

Thanks for the comments, Robert. I still have some hips on PS that I’m waiting to harvest. I hope they’ll ripen before it gets too cold for them. If I ever get to the point where I’m planning my own crosses, instead of letting the bees do the work, I’ll remember to try it as a pollen parent, too.

I’d like to find a sport on one of my roses–especially a diseae resistant one!