Potentially valuable seed parent.

I discovered this year that my new introduction ‘Incantation’ sets seed very easily and the seed germinates fast, and at 85% - 95%. Coupled with the fact that it has shown very good disease resistance, good fragrance AND is a bicolor, it may be of use in breeding. I thought some of you might like to know.



That is great to know that Incantation is such a good seed parent. It is such a pretty rose. I admired it as an un-named rose on your website. Now I can add it to my wish list.


I’m really glad to hear that, Paul B! I have an Incantation that I got about a month ago based on the description from your website. I’m now even more excited about it than before!

Oh this is just massively unfair to tempt me!! I’m on the wrong side of the border for shipping. But very nice looking rose, and I am now really glad that I ordered scarlet moss.



Scarlet Moss is a wonderful parent, especially if you’re looking for shrubby seedlings. My seedlings with it last year were all shades of dark red. This year I have two peachy pink seedlings and one fuchsia, with pollen from Paddy Stephens.

Hi Lizz. What other possibilities have you had with Paddy Stephens? I aquired it this year, and it is slated to be used with numerous rose crosses. I just added a new cross for it, too – Paddy Stephens x Fragrant Cloud. This is almost a line bred idea.

Paul, I may pick up Incantation! I love the name btw. I like it when hybridizers put effort into giving their rose names meaning.

Paul, that sounds great. Where can I order one?!

Jim Sproul


Rogue Valley Roses is the sole distributor for it at this time. :slight_smile:



My Paddy Stephens was new last year & so far I’ve had low germinations of my recurrent crosses so I can’t comment yet about other results. But one seedling was very double & had good form. That would have come from Paddy as Scarlet Moss progeny tend to be less full.


Wow…gorgeous rose! I LOVE the coloring on it. From reading the description you just hit on all three things I look at when I am selecting parents…foliage (disease resistance), fragrance, quantity of bloom AND my sub-criteria of unique coloring. I’m not “supposed” to be ordering roses right now (self imposed moratorium till my potted roses get in the ground)…but I am highly tempted for one of the first times this year.

Ooops…just checked Rogue Valley’s site…they are out of stock. :frowning:

Ah well, definitely something to keep on my list for a Fall order maybe.

My first Incantation bud is starting to show color though the sepals have not yet started to curl back - I can’t wait to see it! (and it’s looking like I’m extremely lucky to have picked this one up from Rogue Valley when I did!)