Potential Parents

I’d like to hear evaluations of the following roses for the following characteristics:

Disease Resistance (under no or low/organic spray)

Ease of parenting as seed and/or pollen parent

Livin’ Easy

Sexy Rexy

Abraham Darby


George Burns

Shocking Blue

Outta the BLue

Blue Skies


Thanks in Advance

I really like Livin’ Easy–

I use it for everything now.

I have an especially nice seedling of it with Goldmoss. The seedling itself is mossless, but a similar color to Livin’ Easy but with more petals.

It can pass glossy foilage very well.

Yesterday I found some seedlings of it with a rugosa hybrid. This next season I will try to breed it.

It will breed look a likes often…

but then you’ll see some very nifty seedlings too. For example, seedlings of it with Rugelda were very Pernetia like in color. But they were very disease prone.

But then there’s another seedling of mine with Orange Ruffels that’s fairly disease resistant. It has holly like foilage.

Livin’ Easy - good all around

Sexy Rexy - gets blackspot here, people tell me it sets readily but my hips were tiny.

Abraham Darby - pollen works well

Geisha - nice but minor mildew

George Burns -massive blackspot, havent tried it as parent

Shocking Blue - good all around

Outta the BLue - really icky seedlings for me, healthy

plant. Dislikes heat.

Blue Skies - no clue

Westerland - good all around

This is for the Portland metro area. So moderate temps. Black spot area. Low mildew area. High humidity. Continual rain except for June, July and August.