Potential new breeder for yellow.

Last year I decided to try working with Ralph Moore’s recent yellow intro called ‘Golden Horizon’. (2006, ‘Cal Poly’ X ‘Strawberry Ice’) This is one of the deepest yellows I have ever grown, very little fading and almost always in flower even when forming seeds. In 2008 I made a few preliminary crosses with it and it formed hips readily. I am now seeing the first seeds germinate today, so I know its fertile. Breeders looking for good yellows to work with might find this worth exploring. I’ll post my results when I start seeing blooms.

You can still buy this one from Nor’East and from Burling Leong’s new nursery, Burlington Roses.


Link: www.helpmefind.com/rose/l.php?l=17.18773

how bs resistant is GH?

Thank you Paul! I just got an order in for it. I really like yellow roses.


I don’t know, to be honest. I have grown my 2 plants in the greenhouse ever since I first got them. ‘Cal Poly’ is very Blackspot resistant in my climate, so it may have inherited it as well. Right now I am more interested to see how well it passes on its intense Cadmium yellow coloring.


Is it a deeper yellow than ‘June Laver’?

I’ve always thought this color was unusual for a yellow. It holds well and has very large, well shaped blooms. The only problem is the length of the stems which hardly support the large flower.

With some encouragement and cross breeding, you might find the color and bloom shape transfers and maybe you could even get it to produce longer stems.

Paul mentioned buying from Nor’East. Today I received three each of Cal Poly and Rise N Shine. They are nice sized plants and very healthy. I would highly recommend them. I ordered minis from other companies and they were nothing more than rooted cutting for the same price. The plants I received today are well branched, leafed out and a couple have flower buds. I don’t have any connection with Nor’East, but just wanted to let you know what I thought about them.



‘Golden Horizon’ is a far more intense yellow than ‘June Laver’, which is not a pure yellow; its more of an apricot tinted yellow. I have worked with ‘June Laver’ for years now and found it less than satisfactory. Its a battle to get long stems from it, and the bloom form doesn’t appeal to me anyway. I was always using it for other prospects. I finally abandoned it as a breeder two years ago because it rarely passed on good coloring.

I have hopes that ‘Golden Horizon’ might pass on its deep Cadmium yellow coloring, so dark and pure of hue unlike almost any other rose I know. Its a remarkable hue, you have to see it in person to know what I mean.


Hi Paul, Have you ever tried Midas Touch or Lanvin? They are very deep yellows and each one is good for both setting seed and plenty of available pollen. I like using Midas Touch for getting great fragrance in my seedlings.

Hi Jeanie,

No, I haven’t. I am avoiding most Hybrid Teas and Floribundas these days, as I feel they are generally not adding anything in terms of disease resistance or genetic diversity. It is usually a struggle to overcome the unattractive HT shrub habit, which is so deeply ingrained in the class after 100 plus years of breeding to make long, straight canes. Thanks for the suggestions, though!


You’re welcome. Disease resistance is very important.

Since I can


Its true; they are such a deep yellow as to be almost a Marigold color. Deep cadmium yellow, I would say.

Good luck with yours. Germination rates have been on the poor side but several test crosses have germinated at about 35% or so, which I consider acceptable. Now we shall see if it passes on that rich dark coloring. :wink:

I will use ‘Golden Horizon’ as a pollen parent this season as well, putting it on some of my easiest seed setters.



Pacific Serenade will give you very deep yellows-- I have a seedling with The Pilgrim- and it’s a very deep unfading yellow. But at the same time… plants will be weak at times, depending on the pollen parent.

I have two seedlings with 77-361 and they’re very disease resistant.