Posting images...

I’ve sent a couple images in for posting on the members showcase page, but nothing has been added. What is the proper process. I used the e-mail address as listed on the page.

I got an email from you with photos of ‘Red Coral’. I will post them to the showcase soon. For future reference, the TIF files you sent were much too big to be posted to the showcase as is, so I am having to convert them to a different format.


What format would you like photos to be in, and what max size would work for you?

Please try to keep the size of photos under 64Kb. If you have more than one photo, please try to keep the total for all photos under 80Kb. In general, the most compact format is JPEG (JPG). When you save JPG photos, most image software will let you choose a quality of 0-100. The higher the number, the bigger the image file. 70 is usually a good choice for good image quality and small file size.