Posting a multiple image from Photo Bucket

This has come up in a few threads–yes you can post multiple images from Photobucket-I think it might take up to 9 images, but they are collaged like this. (This is 3 Gemini X Shock wave offspring) I believe this is a new offering from PB.


That is nice!

In addition, I have just contacted Photobucket, and asked them to advise on how/if multiple images can be inserted onto this thread, anywhere within the body of a message, and as many times as is required, using their image coding.

It will be interesting to see wht they have to advise about that.


Can you tell us how you were able to insert multiple images like you did above?


bill c.

Yeah, I would also like to know how you managed that collage Jackie… I was just checking the properties of your collage image to see if there were any clues on how the link was coded for the image…the first thing I noticed was the title of the images being Gemini x About Face??

I post these to Photobucket at work, from my camera, when things are slow. When I have time in the evening I go back and correct the titles. Haven’t had a lot of time lately. I spend to much time hand watering so all the titles are not correct at this time. Will get around to it soon, and if not soon then by winter.I do keep all the tags intact in the pots and do make a map of where and in what order I have planted out roses in case anything gets screwed up.

lol…its ok

Here, I am repeating myself from other similar recent threads where the question of how to create and post collage images using Photobucket can be done.

For anyone who is researching this topic in the future, and who happens to stumble upon this thread first, please refer to the link below for easy instructions on how collages are created using Photobucket.


Of all the code image options that are offered by Photobucket, I use the “Direct Link” code and inserted it into the Photo link section at the bottom of this thread (making sure not to double up on the http:// characters which often seem to automatically appear at the begining of the Photo link window).

Thanks for the ideas y’all. I had to try it.

Jon are all of those Homerun seedlings?

It’s all one plant. I guess I could say it’s my favorite seedling of this year so far- maybe. Knockout x Oklahoma. In fact those are just about my two favorite roses… so to have a combination of the two is great. It’s making some large hips so I’m hoping it may have some fertility. It has also been spray free (although it did get a touch of mildew, hoping to get away from that next generation). Right now it’s making its’ first floribunda sprays which was what started this whole picture thing to begin with. I think I counted 11 buds on it now so spring flush should be pretty good for a toddler- or at least I’m hoping.

(some seedlings.)

Nice looking seedlings Jon! That thin petalled one with the darker center may bring in a whole “new look” in roses! :wink:

Jim Sproul

You know it can’t just be all roses Jim! It’s a seedling from naturalized magnus x sunrise… I almost threw in a Dianthus seedling for good measure but restrained myself. I had to leave out a few others as well.


They are all so beautiful…what a treat this thread has been for those of us living in high heat and humidity and plants and humans stressed out. Jon, are they all OP’s? What is the third one in the bottom row, the pale yellow tinged with red. I find I lean more and more to blends and bicolors. They seem to add interest for me and of course smoothness on the stems! It is nice to see how successful everyone has been with raising seedlings. I am still at the hit and miss stage. In the middle of moving but maybe once things settle down I can work out a procedure that works for me.

Thanks again to all for these wonderful, wonderful pics.


Jon, Those are so gorgeous. Are they OP? I don’t seem to come up with such luck with the OP. If we are voting I just love #'s 1,6,7,and 16. It is fun to see what others are coming up with. And this weather! A very good test of disease resistance and stamina.

“What is the third one in the bottom row, the pale yellow tinged with red?”

That would be Flirtatious x (Knockout x Flirtatious). (…Dad is two to the left). She’s about to bloom for me again soon, I need to do a pot upgrade I guess. I’m not real happy with the flat open bloom form on it (is it called dahlia or camellia form? - I used to have a chart). I’m not for sure yet but it looks like the KO x Flirtatious plant has a tendency to throw this type of bloom form in other seedlings as well.

1 & 16 are the same (prosperity seedling)

6 & 7 are the same (hot cocoa seedling)

(I know that is SO cheating!)

Very nice Jon. I really like them! What is 3rd and 5th one?

(all of) those orange/red ones are various seedlings of hot cocoa (from last year).

Oh wow, I didn’t see your collage there Jon, your seedlings are all gorgeous. I like the yellow one on the bottom row, second one in. What parentage does that one have. Also I just got another look at the one in the second row, third one in…very pretty apricot color.

Thanks for sharing your seedlings with us.