Post Your Fave Seedlings & Their Blooms

Hi! Was curious to see everyone’s favorite seedlings they’ve bred and potentially their blooms?

I would say my favorite seedling I have bred is the one I named Far Out. Its parentage is Country Doctor X Knock Out. The blooms are just pink and semi-double at the most, but they can be up to around 5 inches across and come solitary to clusters up to about 50. Petals are many times fringed and usually have a darker pink color on the reverse compared to the inside of the petals. It inherited Knock Out’s superior disease resistance and bushy plant growth. The leaves are a beautiful dark green with red tints. It throws up thick canes throughout the season and grows to about 3-4 feet high and wide. Alas, it has a big thorns and does not set hips - but it gives out a lot of pollen.

Usually not a fan of pinks but that’s a lovely plant!

Very attractive purple foliage on that one, Andre.