possible rose germination procedure

This may apply to rose seeds: http://www.journal-pop.org/2009_9_3_135-142.htm

Link: www.journal-pop.org/2009_9_3_135-142.htm

I read this abstract relating to sour cherry.

By coincidence I did a few embryo extractions of two sweet cherry seeds about two months ago when we had a dinner and a few cherries presented themselves to me for eating (and for a bit of fun playing with the seed).

Both seeds easily yielded one embryo each, and both embryos went green and rooted by two weeks in the humidity set up (~100%). The embryos were not manipulated in any way, cotyledons were totally intact, and they were subjected to water as the only chemical compound for soaking…This suggests absolutely no inhibitor was present in the cotyledons of those sweet cherries…Maybe sour cherry is a different ball game altogether.

Now to roses…I certainly do not think that there is any dormancy within the cotyledons of rose embryos at all, and all parts of the embryo should be preserved after extraction, for best germination outcomes.