If there are any dormant budeyes anywhere on those Pteracantha canes, I have three non-VID plants as rootstock. One is a seedling multiflora that germinated in the garden. It’s large enough to handle budding down on the root shank, as it’s at least a year old. I also have two pots of a very well-rooted, non-VID, some-kind-of-wichurana x multiflora rootstock. I collected the plant from a 1920’s cottage. It is likewise mature enough to bud on the root shank. It will probably sucker. You would have to bud to the root shank because it’s a thorny creeper.

Stenglings call for rootstock with “mature softwood rootstock material at a stage where the leaves are well developed and the thorns can be broken off easily.” Even in my mild climate, I have no VID roostocks in that stage.

I can offer alternative, non-VID but visually clean stentling rootstocks. All of these have well-developed buds on blooming laterals that would probably root at this time of year: Plaisanterie, Jaune Desprez, E. Veyrat Hermanos and Sally Holmes. The Noisette and Tea Noisette aren’t hardy but are probably rootable as mature softwood. Plaisanterie is reported to be hardy to Zone 5, altho I don’t know anyone who grows it there. It roots easily and is a hybrid multiflora. I have plenty of wood as the plant is larger than a Volkswagen. I also have Sally Holmes at this stage, but it may have the Ballerina virus (is it a crypto-virus?).

Paul G, Andy and Cass,

Please send me an email so we can discuss the various options. The email function on the mb is disabled for me so I cannot use that to send you each a note.

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