Poor Germination

I tried something a little different last winter. I stratifed my seeds in plastic containers in damp spaghanum peat moss chopped up in a food processor. Germination was very poor this spring. Has anyone had any experience along these lines. Could this method have contributed to poor performance of the seeds. Some of the peat moss seemed to have been wetter than others but there was no evidence that the seeds rotted are had any other problems.



Johnny, I’m having reduced germination here as well, though I attribute it to the very cold fall in which plants did not receive necessary heat as they ripened their hips in the solarium. I stratify the seeds in Ziplock bags containing ProMix and am alway very careful as to the moisture content. Rose seeds appear to resent excessive moisture as will otherwise easily rot. Keeping the soil barely moist to the touch works best for me.


My experience is that rose seeds don’t rot as they have such a hard shell. It may be just the outer seed coat which looks rotten and after cleaning they look normal again.

I have never tried it out with any seeds that look rotten, as I always clean & disinfect my seeds right after shelling and again before planting.

George Mander

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