Pompom de Bourgogne

In a ploidy list on this forum, the Burgundian Rose, which I assume is the same rose as Pompom de Bourgogne, is listed as diploid. Does this mean it’s a cinnamomeae? It produces lots of runners like the gallicas, but it’s form and leaf shape are different.

I alway assumed it was a dwarf centifolia which would make it tetraploid. I wonder where the ploidy analysis originated?

If diploid it could prove interesting.

I presumed the same. The information I’m referring to was posted by Jinks On Oct 23, 2007 under the heading Rose - ploidy database.

Help me find list it as a tetraploid. I am working on a data base. Part of the data base has ploidy listings and it seems there are several varieties that has multiple ploidies listed. Good thing their are some people out their that are doing chromosome counts to straighten some of these things out.