Polyploidization article is finally in print!!!

In 1999 I applied different levels of trifluralin to some polyantha seedlings and monitored chromosome doubling in the various meristematic layers. A year and a half ago my cytology finally improved enough to count chromosomes and document ploidy to finish up the data set. I’m excited the paper is finally in print in the plant breeding journal Euphytica!!!

Below should be the link to the complete article.

I look forward to your thoughts.



Link: www.springerlink.com/media/B0CYHMMHMH2Y20NQHN2G/Contributions/V/5/7/0/V57055Q8535X7527.pdf

Congratulations, David! I’ve printed off the article and will read it this weekend.

Thanks Jim. Someone mentioned that the link didn’t open for them. If the above one doesn’t work, hopefully this other one will.



Link: www.springerlink.com/media/788Y661NXH4RYND5PN5U/Contributions/V/5/7/0/V57055Q8535X7527.pdf

Unfortunatly, neither link will open for me???

I got in, no problem. Nice article. Congratulations David!!! Read it–found what I understood very interesting. Printed it out to study more later.

I was able to open it and print it out to study. Congratulations David!!! We share in your excitment on a job well done.

I have not been able to access it via the link. I get an error message:

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I tried the new link and it doesn’t work now as well even though it worked yesterday. Perhaps there is some time restriction? It seems like the journal (Euphytica) is open to all on-line and there are no password issues. Anyway, here is the link to the journal. The article is under volume 141 number 3 beginning on page 281.



Link: www.springerlink.com/app/home/journal.asp?wasp=f7a62958b49d447c96f8bebb5235e54c&referrer=parent&backto=linkingpublicationresults,1:102881,1