Pollination season has begun! Mixed up seasons!

Very early this year due to a very warm winter here. We never had a frost, so I have hips ripening now that were pollinated by the bees in November! And I’m not anywhere done processing hips from August from the Spring crosses. And seeds are still germinating after their stratificaion. What a mixed up mess this year is! Luckily the warm winter caused a scourge of mildew which made it easy to cull the mass of seedlings germinating.

First cross: Show n Tell x Imposter. Show n Tell gave me a bunch of seedlings this year with way too many petals. Hopefully this will settle her down and give me some seedlings with interesting coloration.

You never had a frost? Bless your heart, can I send you some of ours?

Yours, Betsy
Minnesota zone 4, replete with thick layers of dirty old snow

I’ll pass, Betsy, but thanks anyway.

Tucson zone 9b, sunny and 80 today

Lol, I’m with Betsy! I’ll give you all the snow you can handle and then some! We got 6 more inches yesterday. It would definitely help out with the drought problem…I wonder if UPS…?

Your worried about too much of a good thing and I’m worried that our season may be so late that mine won’t have long enough to ripen when I can finally do crosses. It’s a crazy mixed up world now days.

We never had a frost either. And when the leaves started bursting out in mid Feb. I knew the flowers were not far behind. I am thinking there will be some early pollinations but the ‘mother plants’ are mostly not blooming yet. It’s time to freeze some of that early pollen. Regarding the warm weather, it seems like I am getting a reduced amount of germinations also. Or maybe just slower.

Per the local weather report, Monday will be the 21st day of above 80 F daily temperatures this winter in Los Angeles. Sunday is forecasted to be slightly over 90 F. With less than one-quarter of the average rainfall over the region. The “rainy season” only has another thirty or so days. Welcome to “winter”.

I’m just a tad bit jealous… We just got another dumping of snow on wednesday, too…

While you will be sandbagging to prevent the melted snow from washing away your home, we will be squeezing the dust for any drops of dew which it may have absorbed…