What process should be used for storing pollen in a freezer. What do you do with the pollen after it is harvested. What type of container is it stored in. As you can see by the questions I have never tried it.

Thanks in Advance



I like to use clean 35mm film cannisters. I put a bunch of them in a plastic bag, seal it and put it in the freezer. The one rule when using frozen pollen - keep the pollen dry, and be sure to let the cannister warm up to room temperature before opening it to avoid the condensation. Be sure it is dry if you are going to put it back in the freezer after using some of it. I have used it the next season, but never tried it any longer than that. Has anyone used frozen pollen the second or third year?

Last year I used some pollen that had been in the freezer for 5 years. It worked fine.