Pollen Wanted: Ballerina, Red Ballerina, or close relative

Hi all,

My foray into the art of hybridising is so far such a pleasant experience enriched by the wonderful range of advice available here. While my buds refuse to open in current low temperatures I have been completely rethinking this year’s crosses with more thought to where they will take me.

If anyone has any pollen from Ballerina or her close relations it would be gratefully recieved! I’m hoping to cross with Carris to start on a quest for modern bloom form coupled with profuse flowering. I also hear that Ballerina is generally of strong health, vigour and flowers like a mad thing.

I am happy to send pollen (or cuttings) from the following parents in return, or even to discuss sending cuttings from viable seedlings.



St. Christopher (late bloomer this year)
Diamond Jubilee
Persian Mystery
Royal Philharmonic
Stanwell Perpetual

Hello Jake- there’s nothing in your profile to indicate which part of the world you inhabit. I’m in western Canada and have access to Ballerina pollen if that’s helpful.

Thanks Donald! I’m in the UK, so it may well be too late by the time anything got through the post. Thanks for your help though.

I have ballerina on order and she should arrive by Friday with Just Joey.

OK good luck. I looked at breeding with Ballerina but the reports on its disease resistance (and that of its offspring) were so mixed that I got a bit scared off.

It seems to do well in the UK at least. It can’t hurt to try I suppose. Helpmefind lists 140 descendants! So it can’t be that bad.

Jake as you are in England and at this time of year, could you not get pollen from the local gardens or parks. Maybe some local stately homes, nurseries, just a thought.