pollen from seedling

first question: how are people taking pictures of pollen under their microscopes?

I will try to attach the best of the pictures I did get. I’m not sure if they will be helpful.

Here is the situation I’m trying to figure out:
I have a seedling from Martin Frobisher that was a juvenile bloomer. The possibilities of pollen on the hip that took (the only hip from all the crosses) are Therese Bugnet and Lilian Austin.
I just figured it was Therese Bugnet pollen that took, especially as the leaves are really rugose. Also, Martin is apparently very picky, at least under the conditions we had.
The bloom, however, is more fully double than expected. Also, the fragrance is stronger than expected. It also seems more Old rose than expected. (It seems to me that even the Rugosas with more pure rose fragrance (as in not cloves or spices) still seem a bit different than Old rose).

So, I finally got my pocket microscope: thanks Joe for the recommendation! And I am having so much fun looking at my pollens.
I was surprised when I looked at the pollen of this seedling, however, to find quite a mix of shapes and sizes. Some are perfect circles, like someone blew a bubble. Some look like a perfect egg shape. Some are in between the two. Some are really elongated ovals.

I was thinking this meant it was triploid. Is that correct??? Could someone explain what I am looking for when looking at this pollen?

I am really excited about this seedling, as it is already forming plump hips from the pollen I put on it. I am testing its pollen as well.
So far it is disease free, even though it has been mixed in with seedlings having rust, mildew, blackspot, and I think some other kind of leaf spot.

Of course if this turns out to be from Lilian Austin instead of Therese Bugnet I will trade some of the look I am trying to get for the rock solid cold hardiness it would have had.

Any thoughts that could help?

two pics of pollen. Both had to be really downsized to load over cell as hotspot. I might try a larger picture when I get access to wifi.
pollen 1.jpg
pollen 2.jpg

What type of lighting did you use? I like how your pollen is bright. Is the pollen dry or did you put it on a slide with coverslip with liquid?
Look forward to seeing more about your cross.

It is dried, getting ready to freeze. I just wiped a bit on some black plastic. The pocket microscope has a small light on it. I just practiced moving my cell phone around until it lined up.