Pollen exchanges

John Moe has asked about modifying the forum to facilitate pollen exchanges. John, I hope it’s OK with you if I quote from your email:

“I really see a lot of different and interesting threads dealing with most every aspect of rose culture on the forum, but always wondered if it would ever work out to have a section, or a part of the existing forum that would deal with pollen exchange? We often read that someone is thinking about crossing A with B, but don’t have the pollen handy or can’t readily obtain it. I think that this would be a super service that we could provide to members and maybe pick up some new ones along the way.”

You can post pollen exchange requests to forum now, but having a specialized pollen exchange feature might encourage more pollen exchanges. One way to do this would be to reserve an area on the forum page for pollen exchanges. For example, the forum page could list current pollen exchange requests above or below the existing list of topics. Does anyone have suggestions for other ways to do this? I’d prefer not to make this a separate page, because I’m concerned that people might not get into the habit of checking it regularly. I’d like to get a feeling for how much people would use a pollen exchange feature before taking the time to implement it. Any comments?

I think it would be a useful feature. There have been times where I’d think about a cross which might be interesting, but where I didn’t have the pollen parent. In most cases I never made the cross since I didn’t think it was worth ordering and growing on the pollen parent–not to mention waiting another year to make the cross. A pollen exchange could also help where your desired parents didn’t bloom at the same time in your climate.


I agree, we should do it. I have the same problem as Joan - lacking many pollen parents (not to mention seed parents). It would be a useful feature for sure. Hard to say though, how you could incorporate it into the structure of the existing page. Maybe Paul Barden has some tips.


I think it would be great – especially since I am now living in the city (going to college) and so am going to have severely limited garden space and thus a very limited range of possible parents. It would also be very nice to be able to get at pollen of roses I can’t grow for other reasons – I’ve been want to include tea roses in my diloid breeding plans but I’ve never been able to get the things to make it through one of my winters.


Joe, let me know if there’s any pollen I can provide for you (or anyone else of course). My list of plants is below.

Link: home.earthlink.net/~judsinger/roses_in_my_garden.htm

I used to exchange pollen; but ever since 9/11, I have been afraid to since a powder could close down a post office.

A pollen exchange would help a lot.

It’s not just having a rose, but knowing when it’s blooming that would help. For example, my chinas start the second week of April and recycle rapidly.

(And I have teas that bloom a bit later.)

I felt bad this spring when Dr. F.L. Skinner was blooming and I was emasculating it and not saving the pollen. (That was in late April to early May; I’m waiting now to see if there’s rebloom.)