Pollen available: Moore breeders Magseed and MORsoul

Magseed = Anytime X Rugosa Magnifica. It is a sister seedling to Linda Campbell. Pollen works on almost anything. Medium red, large flowers, some scent.

MORsoul = Anytime X R. soulieana. This is the pollen parent of Baby Austin. Pollen fertile only, fully remontant which is curious for a first gen soulieana hybrid. Pale pink blooms in masses, deeper pink reverse, no scent. Dwarfing trait may be dominant in many cases. Expect the climbing habit of the species parent to resurface at times also.

Pollen from both of these is available NOW if anyone is interested. Emailing me in private is always preferable, and be sure to include a postal address, thanks.


Photo of MORsoul available:

Link: www.flickr.com/photos/97352228@N00/4604868445/