Pollen available from some heritage roses

I collected pollen from some roses in Hartford’s Elizabeth Park Heritage Rose Garden which I would be happy to send people on request. I will dessicate and freeze these if they are not taken so that they will be available off-season too.

Annie of Tharau (Ayrshire, Hybrid Multiflora, Rambler, 1886 Geschwind)


City of York

Constance Spry


Easlea’s Golden Rambler


Fimbriata (hybrid rugosa, Morlet, 1891)


Lucky you! I’ve been wanting to get Stanwell Perpetual for a few months now, would you be willing to send me some of it’s pollen? The Spinosissimas are a very intriguing class.


Max, send me your address.

don at holeman dot org.

Don, I got the pollen! I’m sorry I didn’t say so sooner. I got it and put it on my Queen Elizabeth, so we’ll see what we get.