Ploidy of Wasagaming

Has anyone tried with success, breeding with either ‘Will Alderman’ or ‘Wasagaming’? If so what was the cross? Has anyone figured what the ploidy is of these two roses?



I have had good sucess with Will Alderman. I suspect that some of its pollen are tetraploid.

I have tried to germinate open pollinated seeds of Wasagaming; however they either did not germinate or did not survive the seedling stage. I am thinking of getting rid of Wasagaming; but I probably should try its pollen first.

‘Wasagaming’ works well as a staminate but not a pistillate parent. I have crossed it successfully with ‘Hansa’. Many years ago the Canadian Department of Agriculture (now Agriculture Canada) tested the ploidy of ‘Wasagaming’ and it was determined the cultivar was a diploid. The same for ‘George Will’, another Skinner rose of similar breeding. ‘Will Alderman’ I suspect is a tetraploid but its ploidy has never been tested. It seems to combine very well with other rugosas, and I think it has more potential than 'Wasagaming’to produce good quality progeny.

Thanks for the information. I think I will probably be using ‘Will Alderman’ in some of my future cosses.