ploidy of mini's

Are minis largely diploid?

I have noticed that miniature roses have a lot of diploids in their background but few have their ploidy listed.

I’m looking for a Good yellow diploid and was thinking I may find one amongst the mini’s.

If you have any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.



That might be difficult as the majority of yellows (not all but most) comes from a tetraploid species but I’ll look.

Im not finding any. Baby Gold Star is the cloest I could find and that is most likely a triploid. You might have luck finding a fertile triploid.


I believe we can safely say that the modern Miniatures are all Tetraploids now. If you want something Diploid, we know that ‘Oakington Ruby’ definitely is. Its a light red, but at least its a Diploid mini. ‘Perle d’Or’ is a confirmed Diploid also, and can contribute to Miniaturism. It is fertile in both directions and has the ability to work within the yellows range. ‘Mutabilis’ is a Diploid’ but is very reluctant to breed with anything. You may want to try it anyway.