Ploidy of Darlow's Enigma.

It’s been a few years from the last time I try hybridizing roses. My last attempts gained me a ‘flesh’ colored rugosa. Single, small and scentless blooms of an ugly graish pink flush color. It even sounds better than it looked. (r. rugosa alba X Duchess of Portland )

My main interests are breading climbers and expanding on the Portland roses. I’m interested in using Darlow’s Enigma but don’t know it’s ploity. Thanks for the help.

Everthing I have read says it is diploid, but I am not sure if it has ever been confirmed.

Thanks for the info Shane. That makes sense because it’s a multiflora hybrid.

My listing is wrong on my ‘flesh’ rose. It’s

Henry Hudson X Duchess of Portland.

I was hoping for a tight double form with better fragrance. What I got looked better for Halloween. Well, at least it didn’t smell like flesh. LOL