Planting rose seed...

Howdy all,

I have been growing roses for years and grown some roses from cuttings. Even though I’m still trying to find the easiest way still. I would love to start hybridize but I first just want to plant some hips/seed and give it a go that way. I have over 500 roses so I should have enough hips. I live in hot, hot California so I want an easy method. Any ideas or links. I want to do it outside in flats. Also will any ripe seed do?

Thanks a ton, Bucky

There are a couple of articles on this site that give the basics of hybridizing. You can skip the info on pollination and just follow the instructions for harvesting and planting seeds.

There are also links to several pages on growing roses from seed on the Links page.

I’d also recommend the booklet Rose Hybridizing for Beginners.