Planted them all out - 2006 seedlings

Just so you know what I’ve been up to:

I made 158 crosses last year, which resulted in 67 hips according to my spreadsheet. But it was probably less, because I only registered failed hips if I found them. This finally resulted in about 110 seedlings of which 88 were big enough to be planted out yesterday.

What I learned this year:

  • Sowing seeds in flats after stratification and then potting them up later works much better than transferring each individual germinated seed from the frigde onto a pot.

  • Planting the seedlings in bigger pots than last year worked much better (I used very small pots last year and potted them up into bigger pots later on. Now I planted the seedlings from the flats directly into the somewhat bigger pots).

  • Make one cross multiple times to get at least about 50 seeds, so everything becomes easier because of larger numbers. Because of time constraints, I left many of the one-hip-few-seeds crosses in the fridge and still have to sow them (they’re probably all rotten by now).

I planted out the following combinations yesterday:

Graham Thomas x Baby Love (15)

Aprikola x Abraham Darby (8)

Aprikola x Golden Celebration (13)

Aprikola x Livin Easy (10)

Aprikola x OP (3)

Aprikola x Graham Thomas (7)

Gebrueder Grimm x Abraham Darby (9)

Gebrueder Grimm x OP (5)

Westerland x Golden Celebration (3)

Graham Thomas x Gebrueder Grimm (2)

Harvest Song x Abraham Darby (2)

Livin Easy x Graham Thomas / Bernstein Rose (4)

Bonica x Livin Easy (1)

Livin Easy x Abraham Darby (1)

Rugelda x Winchester Cathedral (1)

Erfurt x OP (1)

Bernstein Rose x Rugelda (1)

Westerland x (R. virginiana x R. macrophylla) (2)

This last cross seems to be a self, since one seedling bloomed already and the flower was yellow. The foliage also looks typically modern.

Now let there be flowers!


Lots of crosses involving healthy yellows.

Aprikola: is it healthy and vigorous, does it fade badly?

Hi Dave, Aprikola fades from apricot-orange to very light apricot or very light pink, unfortunately. From the flowers I saw on the seedlings I think many will also be in pale shades. However it is very disease resistant in my garden. It is floriferous and compact. By crossing it to the Austin roses I hope to get a disease resistant Austin-type in the warm colour range.