Place pollen on heating mat

I had trouble last year getting pollen or enough pollen from a lot of my roses. I happened to put some pollen on a heating mat which I used this winter to start some zinnia seeds and within 6 hours I had a lot of pollen and have been using it ever since with great results. I was just wondering if I am compromising the viability of the pollen by doing this. Can I actually burn the pollen? There is no thermostat on the heating mat so I suppose it stays around 65 or 70 degrees. I found by testing different time frames that 6 hours is the best time frame that I get the most pollen. I collect my pollen in these round metal cases with a glass top.


Patrick, the heating pad sounds pretty good to me … though, I’m quite certain it’s temperature is likely a fair bit higher than 60 to 70 f and even so am sure heat of 80 or 90f will not do the pollen any much harm. I might have to give this a try!