Pink Surprise

I’m thinking about getting Muriel and I also thought about getting Pink Surprise, another bracteata hybrid. One is fertile… but the other?

I’m thinking working them with two seedlings I have of the OP R. clinophylla X R. bracteata. (The other two I’m trying to provide a nice home here in San Jose.)

I may use Pearl Drift because it seems more distant from braceata and thus may provide more unique seedlins.

I think I remember reading that Pink Surprise occasionaly set hips for Louis Lens but that they contained no seeds. He was never able to get something out of it. However, maybe in a hotter climate, more native to R. bracteata, that may be different? I’ll look up the fragment on Pink Suprise in my book about the life of Louis Lens tomorrow.


Pearl Drift was really disappointing in all aspects.

I agree with your statement regarding 'Pearl Drift; Jadae. It was awful, (Very mildew prone) here. ‘Out of Yesteryear’ is obviously superior and I’ve heard very good things about, ‘Out of the Night’.

I saw ‘Out of the Night’ at Mr. Moore’s last month and it looked great! Of course I had to buy one…

Jim Sproul

Pink Surprise at the Heritage is an enormous, bulletproof arching plant that is a very spare bloomer. It opens very slightly pink and fades white almost immediately. Sister, White Surprise is a much better bloomer and is just as bulletproof.

Sorry. I haven’t investigated its fertility


PS. I’m nursing a little Out of the Night, too. It’s growing like a weed and showing those pretty, round buds!