Ping Lim back in business

Just browsing another forum and found that Ping Lim formerly of Bailey’s is in business for himself.


I had read that there were some changes at Bailey Nurseries, notably closing of a few facilities, but I didn’t know that they and Ping Lim had parted ways.

I’m glad that he is continuing his work on his own.

THis is great. I have been feeling sad for Ping when I learned he was laid off late last year. It seems like Baileys has been very accomodating with him in this transition allowing him the freedom to begin this venture. He has dedicated many years, has a passion for what he does, and has worked very hard. I am very happy for him that he is ablet to continue his work in roses. I wish him every success in this new venture and transition.


Can we hope that he was able to bring his recent crosses with him?

Some of his roses tested well at gardens in TN and Mississippi (even though there was no local source, within 125 miles, for roses from Baileys).