Pictures of this year's blooms on my crosses

I am trying something different this year. Since Google allows free storage of pictures, I will try to take pictures (when I have time) of my crosses at their first bloom and place them at:

This is to give the hybridizer an idea of what to expect from a given cross; not to show only “perfect” roses ready for introduction.


Great idea Henry. I like showing photos of first blossoms. I don’t think most people realize how seedlings evolve over time.

It really is amazing.

To correct a possible misconception. These are pictures of the flowers of the first blooms of the season of my seedlings. The seedlings may be many years old or they may be very young. I felt that it may be useful for new hybridizers to see what each and every cross yields rather than seeing only the select “top seedlings”.

I was very disappointed to see the pink flower on the (Rugelda X OP) X Agnes plant.

Thanks for the clarification Henry. I hear you about the pink flower on the (Rugelda X OP) X Agnes.

Strong yellow seems to be extremely elusive in very hardy repeat blooming shrubs.

The (Folksinger X Illusion) X R-15 has bloomed. Now to see how much rebloom it has.

A Prairie Harvest X R-15 bloom is almost open. I should have a picture of it tomorrow (unless we have all day rain).

WOW! I really like the color on number 325. The dark gold center moving into orange is a good combination. How old is that one? Will it be picking up more petals?

That IS nice Henry. I love the red stamens. You snuck a few in on us!

Number 325 is from my 2004 seedling crop. It bloomed for the first time last summer (6-03-2006). It did not rebloom last year.

I checked my records and did not find any hips from last year nor crosses where its pollen was successful.


I like that (Folksinger x Illusion) X R15 too.

I also like the mother (Folksinger X Illusion):


That is very attractive but I really like the seedling color. I don’t have any orange roses, but that one I like. Somehow I sense this is all going to end with me buying an orange rose. Every time I say to myself, you know, I really don’t like roses in X catagory, something has to come along and prove me wrong.

lol Amber, I thought the new Morden was too ugly, so I bought Tequila later on.

Henry, Great idea, I really like seeing the outcome of crosses. My favorites so far are 335 and 325. I am thinking of making a few crosses with Prairie Harvest and having seen your seedling, I will definitely move it up the priority list.

Please keep adding to the album.

‘Prairie Harvest’ mildewed here for the first time I can remember this Spring.

I did a few crosses onto it regardless. FYI

Be careful with the Buck roses concerning the possibility that they may contain one or more of the Rose Mosaic viruses as they were introduced when many (most) companies did not screen their stock for virus infection.

You’re concerned about virus being transmitted by the seed parent Henry? Has that been documented?

I have Distant Drums from Weeks and Sevilliana from Heirlooms. I think Heirolooms virus tests, not sure about Weeks tho.

Robert concerning virus transmission through seed, see:


Thanks Henry. That pretty much confirms what I had heard.

Virus transmission is thought to be likely possible in some cases via seed parent or pollen parent but no firm data has been yet collected.

The reality is that viruses are all around us. I try to exercise extra caution when budding new roses by using never budded or VID rootstocks.

In reality I don’t think it’s possible to absolutely exclude virus from any breeding program under field conditions.

I believe it’s like certain viruses can be transmitted via seed or pollen but these are not likely the ones we worry most about in regards to transmission through budding.

I have a strong suspicion we are spreading virus through pruning implements as well.

Great pictures, Henry. I too like the color on #325. I noticed that you are using Park Direktor - a rose that is difficult to find and have been wanting to add. Any notes on using it?