Pictures from today.

This is a first bloom from a Carefree Beauty seedling.

Third bloom, another CB seedling. This one is fragrant.

Memorial Day

I plan to use it with the above CB seedlings and Earth Song.

Second bloom of Flirtatious x (Knockout x Flirtatious).

The form is odd and it unfurls from inward out. I think I am going to have to try it against Double Delight to fix that and pick up fragrance.

Beautiful blooms Jon, I especially like Memorial Day. I always see such wonderful pics of this rose I think I may have to purchase one. How well does it do setting hips and producing pollen? Your seedlings look great.

Thanks Jeanie. I know, pink seedlings from Carefree Beauty ARE rather generic (actually I do have at least a couple of reds and even a fragrant cream from CB this year).

Memorial Day produces plenty of pollen… I’ve yet to see how it does as a seed parent. I did try it against Earth Song and those two CB seedlings (since it was available). I’m going through a fragrance faze this year so I’m trying to mix in some fragrance with disease resistance at the moment. When I accomplish that, I’ll worry more about color and form later on.