Pick hips now or wait?

We are getting frost now and I forget what it said to do. The rugosa hips look ready but it is the ones on the HT’s that I am unsure of.

I read the advice to cut the stems and keep them in water with the floral food stuff but am not sure if it is time to do that now or if it is best to wait a while. The days are still nice and warm it is only the nights that are cold.



I would suggest letting the HT hips mature on the bush until there is danger of reaching the mid to lower twenties.



Link: home.neo.rr.com/kuska/ara1960.htm

Yikes, it is snowing right now! I am off to run and cut the stems and put them into water and will have to run and buy the rose (floral) food stuff.

How long do they need to stay in the glass or it is better to just put them into some peat moss now?

The rugosas were already ripepened enough so that is good but the HT ones were not quite ready I thought…